second reply on day 2 of my model work

so, to answer the question: What thoughts are you currently thinking are fake and why? There are so many other possibilities of thoughts you could think. They are only “fake” if you think they are.

i just keep thinking of all these love stories, , i mean all the people telling their love stories how they met, and they knew he was the one, no doubt left. Also what keeps popping in to my head: its not even special anymore if we can just pop positive thoughts in our brain to love someone. Where is the magic and the love story then? it feels forced

Its not that i feel like this everyday.
sometimes i play the great lovestory in my head of me and my bf. and then sometimes when i have to tell the story of how i met my bf, which is a really great story. I want to feel more of love and excitment. But i stop myself because i had negative thoughts and didn’t feel love and the security of it all along like others maybe did. its like someone tells me: hey, tell your love story. And i’m like oh yea. its a pretty good one and when i tell it. I feel like i have to fake my excitment and love for this story. i feel like i’m betraying/lying myself.
not Like one of those people who are totally convinced they have met The best person ever. their man¨!

so this is pretty much it.
I think we are getting closer!!! that feels me up with hope and excitment.
thanks for sticking in with me on this <3 big hug

how do you think i can get any closer to this ?
love that you start asking me questions!!