Seeking love

I am really becoming aware of how much I work for the life of others. I do so much to show people I’m worthy. This happens with friends and especially men; it’s like, “ Hi! See me? Look at all I offer; you don’t want to let this go! “
This is hard because I am typically left let down because people don’t meet my high expectations, and I am resentful for all that I do.

How do I make that turn to self-love and not needing validation from others like that?
Believing that I am amazing if someone else says so or not.

I hear Brooke say I am born worthy. But I clearly don’t believe somewhere inside if I’m really going above and beyond for others to like me.

I have done a lot of the workbooks in scholars and still see myself showing this behavior. I want to love others but put myself first, and I have not found that balance.

What am I missing?