Self Confidence v Assholery

I’m working through the Self Confidence podcast and I totally get that true self-confidence is a very attractive quality. But there also seem to be an awful lot of people out there who will confidently pontificate on subjects about which they know nothing; attempt to do things for which they are patently unqualified or otherwise confidently assume they have something to add which is not backed up in any way by knowledge, expertise or results. Am I alone in finding such people profoundly irritating? And how can I ensure I’m not that person? (I like to think I am quite self confident). It seems to me there is a very fine line between attractive self-confidence and extreme assholery but I just can’t figure out what the difference is. (I’m British so may just have a low assholery tolerance. Also yes, I am judging :))

Also thank you for your answer about my work not paying. I’m not sure I do know anyone in the field who is making a huge living, but there are undoubtedly people who are doing better than I am so I will aspire to emulate. And change my thoughts around the fact that at least the stuff I am doing is building my portfolio.