SCS moment at the gym

I was in an exercise class, working hard. It was a run/row day (treadmill and rower), and we had specific distance for each. The person next to me was going at the same pace I was… but gradually, she started to get ahead of me (she would finish running/rowing before me). I was curious as to why, so I looked over at her monitor. We were supposed to row for 350 meters. She stopped at 250.

Ha! I thought to myself… She was cheating!

There was a small window of resentment, but then I had a SCS moment and did the model.

Instead of being pissed off that she was cheating, and getting ahead, I made it my own thing. Despite being exhausted and behind, I kept going to 350 meters. I showed up for myself. I respected my own ability and goals. Not everyone shows up for themselves… and that’s okay, because I do. It was a pretty powerful moment! Thanks, Brooke!