Self sabotaging my new thoughts

Hello 🙂 I have found that when I run a model to find a new thought that is both believable and feels good, my mind immediately sets about finding lots of reasons why it’s a silly, pointless new thought. For example, my unintentional model might be:
C: I weigh 80kg
T: I will always be overweight
F: hopeless. Helpless
A: Give up and eat all the things as buffering against the feelings
R: keep gaining weight.

Intentional model:
C: I weigh 80kg
F: Calm, determined
A: eat to my protocol. No brain chatter.
R: Lose weight.

When I start to cast around for a new thought, it goes something like this:
T: I am in control (Mind – no you’re not! You have never been in control, you have no self control!)
T: I have the tools I need (Mind – you have no idea what you’re doing! You’re flailing around in the dark)
And on it goes…..

Can you offer some insight into this self-depreciation and how to restrain the negative self talk? Thank you very much.