Waking feeling bad

This morning I woke up feeling really bad and I could not find the thought. I had had very strange dreams and it seemed like the feeling was a ‘hangover’ from the dream. Perhaps that is the thought? I wasn’t sure what to do with the emotion, so I just lay there allowing it. I’ve noticed that I’ve felt dogged by anxiety all day.

I did these models

T: There is something wrong with me, but I don’t know what
F: Anxious. Hyper vigilant
A: Scanning my environment looking for and expecting trouble
R: Ineffective and distracted

C: Me
T: Everything is as it should be, including me
F: accepting
A; I don’t fight myself or my reality. I do what I can, with what I’ve got, where I am
R: I make progress

If I wake up feeling bad because of a dream, is my T line ‘I’m feeling bad because of my dream’?