Selling an instrument

Hello Coaches,

So, I have decided to sell an instrument that I don’t play. I paid $6500 for it and am selling it for that amount. I have tried to sell this violin in the past but offered less than the value ($4500) as if lowering the price would sell it. Then I thought all sorts of thoughts about how I don’t really think its a good violin (but I realized I am comparing it to the one I currently play which is worth twice that amount. When I have had opportunities to sell my violin to a student I have said negative things about the instrument and have not taken the opportunity to offer someone my instrument. I realize this ties into a habit of mine of de-valuing myself + under earning.

I changed my thought from: no one will buy this expensive violin to the following model:

C: violin
T: This violin is searching for its new owner
F: Love (I know that might seem strange but that’s what I actually feel when I personify my violin and create a story about it.)
A: Out of love I want to match my violin with its next owner who is also searching for it, I write a story of my fiddle and all the places I’ve gone with it, I use this story as copy in my ad, I make an an, I offer it to my student email lists, my performing page, my personal page, craigslist, every place I can think of to post local items for sale
R: Violin Sells

So, I have taken all this action. What if nothing happens? I want the result of selling my violin but I don’t see how I can force this to happen. Do I just wait? Do I keep offering? Trust that the right person will come along? No one has responded to my offer.

I also have thoughts like:
This could take a while
I will continue to search for other ways to let people know I am selling this.

All the action is being taken, but there is also some doubt which. Is it okay to have the doubt from the old model but choose to act from the new model?