I recently separated from my husband after 21 years of marriage, it has been 3 months since we parted. We have decided we want to remain friends and still be there to ‘parent’ our 19 year old daughter. My husband has moved 4 hours away as he wants to live in the ‘bush’. He is currently living with a female friend and her 3 young children, he has assured me and our daughter that their relationship is purely just friends. I still love him and there are times when I want our relationship back and other times where I’m ok with my new life. I want to be friends as I want to have a healthy relationship with him not only for our daughter but for me too, but the green eyed monster comes out that the friend is living the life I should be with makes me angry sad and resentful. I don’t like this friend at all as I’ve always found her to be demanding and selfish. I find it so hard to stop thinking about things like does he miss me.. does he still care etc. I’m overweight and have been for most of our marriage but now I’m starting to think ‘he thinks I’m fat and unattractive….We are taking our daughter out for lunch as a family on Saturday and I have so much anxiety about it. To top it if it would of been our wedding anniversary tomorrow… Where do I start to heal. ..