Sept challenge accountability

Hello my friend,
I joined SCS in June. I binged watched the overeating program in a weekend. I kind of looked around SCS, hung out for the next couple months, still overeating, still figuring out how to do this CTFAR jazz, hanging out in Ask Brooke, listening to podcasts, just reading the material but not taking action. On Aug 28, I got my Sept Workbooks. I set my Sept goal to lose 10 pounds. Truth be told, this is the first workbook I actually WROTE in since joining. I worked on my models, I wrote that I would be accountable to myself and to my coach Brooke. I did most of the daily writings. Although I had a few days head start, today I met my 10 pound goal!!! WOW. The only difference was working on my thoughts and creating the feelings to take actions….BAM. AMAZEBALLS….BOMB DIGGETY. DOING THE WORKBOOKS is Key. It’s like going to school and not doing my homework and getting F’s VS joining class discussions, doing the workbooks/homework and getting the results I desire (my workbook is probably a B- grade, not perfect, not an A+, but look at my success!). Last night my stomach was growling, like physical hunger and I just said get chomping on the body fat….like PacMan, LOL.
October goal is another 6 pounds and working on house clutter. Will do the 30 day challenge again for the Oct work….Helloooooo….awesomeness! Brooke….like seriously THANK YOU!! Hugs, Tracie 🙂