Sept Overview Video – Arbitrary Deadlines and B- work

OK – so the September Overview video was great – it was fun to see you planning for the book funnel. Two things are just sticking out to me as being so opposite of my conventional thinking:

1 – Was the 7/31 deadline for the funnel just an arbitrary date that you set to get it done? If it was just a self-imposed deadline, then it seems like you had pretty good reasons to put it off until 8/7 or 8/15 (gf visiting, tight and urgent turnarounds for proofer/designer, weekend work, maybe even some pushback from some affected people who knew that you could extend it).
Is that the key to getting things done – just set a deadline that puts your back against the wall and makes you uncomfortable to do it?

2 – Is this a good example of your idea to do B- work? I mean, you could have easily said that you were going to extend the deadline until next week so you could fix the voice aspect of the book, or to make sure the video was just right, etc.
How do you handle the voice of your future self who may be upset that you didn’t take extra time to make it right?

Are these things that you have to do to be super productive?