Tonight I had a hair appointment. I arrive early even. Normally my appointment takes about an hour because my stylist washes, cuts, and styles my hair. Tonight she got through cutting it and asked if she could leave it unstyled because otherwise her sister was going to kill her if she would be late for her dress fitting. I let her not style it. This is the first time she’s done this to me. know it’s not about me and adults can be who they are. I’m offended, feel disrespected, and like I overpaid for a service I didn’t get because she normally doesnt do this to me. I have many questions about this. Should I have told her that she needs to style it? Should I contact after the fact and nicely tell her that I don’t appreciate having a set appointment and having her decide it’s okay to cut it short? Do I have a right as a paying customer?

I feel like I’m being overdramic and it has to do with my thoughts of feeling used and taking advantage of.