Setting Challenging Goals – The Thrill of It!

Hey Brooke,

After listening to the call today I was inspired to think bigger about my main goal. My main goal is to lose 120 pounds by June 2018. I calculated that if I lose 6.5 pounds a month I could reach it. My old diet mentality says “oh but towards the end it will be harder to lose the last pounds” and “Losing 6.5 pounds a month is a lot and it will just get harder” and “I have to think of the biology of it, my body can only lose so much weight in a week.” So far, since January I have lost nearly 24 pounds, far exceeding my 6.5 pounds a month. Okay, I know that at the beginning losing is much easier, but that is just a thought.

So what I’m thinking is a new goal – weighing under 200 pounds by the end June of 2017 – that 4 1/2 months and 55 pounds. That means I would have to lose a little over 12 pounds a month to make the goal. I am swinging for the fence, and it feels exciting and challenging! I keep thinking that all those old thoughts about how many pounds is “safe” to lose a week, and the whole calories in – calories out BS, are just thoughts that I once believed.

What if I totally believe, 100% that my body is completely capable of losing 55 pounds in 4 1/2 months. That I am versed enough in my Protocol and connected to my body to do what is needed to make that happen. Just like you talked about last week about money, if you believe you can make 6 figures a year, than you can! My brain can tell my body that we are doing to do this and I feel my biology will adjust.

Plus, I feel this would help me face all the old “fat mentality” stuff that has kept me stuck for decades.

What do you think?