Sex is painful and I don’t want it to be

After having my baby 7 months ago sex is painful now. It wasn’t before. Some times my husband and I have sex and it’s painful, but becomes tolerable, and then pleasurable. Other times, like tonight, it hurts too much and I want to stop, sometimes we do. I’m trying to think of what I wanna ask here to be coached on… I want it to not hurt, but it does some times, that’s reality. I know you’re gonna say that I can still be intimate with my husband and have sex WITH the pain, and that it’s okay. But what would I be thinking during sex? “There’s the pain. It’s okay” that isn’t very sexy. What would I need to think for it to be sexy? I want this. But I don’t. I’m willing to be with the pain. But I’m not. This pain is worth it. Okay this one may be the one… it is important because I know sex is important to my husband. I know intimacy is important to us both. I just don’t enjoy sex with him and I can’t blame him or the pain I know it’s me and I’m trying to figure out what to think to be someone who enjoys sex with her husband again. I’m finding all the ways I don’t like having sex with him and what turns me off… I guess I need to spend more time focusing on the opposite.