Shame loves secrecy

I’m going to introduce this model I hope you don’t mind. I was molested as a child over and over and over again very painful physically and emotionally. As I grew up the person who molested me got married, had kids, got the motorhome, got the house, and all the friends. I got addicted to alcohol, drugs, and when I got so far as to finally be able to admit what happened. This is one of my models I have around this and it’s really kind of stupid and materialistic.

C I was molested
T I should get something great because I was molested/A mini motorhome Shameful for having his thoughts
F Justified
A I’m not sure what I should put here
Result – this is where it gets messed up to between a in the car is I’m not sure what result I want I know I’m not gonna get a mini motorhome because I was molested for free. This is a stupid thought that goes through my head I’m not sure how to end it.

Intentional model
c I was molested
T since I’ve been sober 37 years I’ve been able to help other women with my story of being molested.
F I feel taking the shame out molestation and empowering a woman is key to feeling more powerful
A Continue to tell me a story
R Get stronger and help other women and men get stronger to