Shame – A positive emotion??

Hi Brooke,

I’m new to scholars as of October. This work has blown my mind so many times already, I love it!

This month though I’m struggling with how “negative” emotions like shame can be positive. I’ve always thought that shame was a very negative emotion that I would like to be rid of. But then I had another thought about shame and am trying on that maybe shame could be positive?? Here’s a model that builds on that idea.

Unintentional thought model
C: Past behavior where I treated people badly
T: Deep shame about my behavior, deep guilt and beating myself up
F: Shame and guilt
A: more negative emotions and beating myself up, immobilized
R: inaction, hiding, lack of interaction

Intentional thought model that makes shame a positive?
C Past behavior where I treated people badly
T Shame about my behavior but realize that what’s done is done and there is nothing I can do about it
F Shame, fear AND optimism
A I can feel shame but not beat myself up about. It fuels me to not repeat this shameful behavior from my past, I can behave in a different positive way, I can make that choice and treat people better
R Connection and positive supportive relationships

Does this make sense??? Thanks!!!