Sharing a success

Hi Brooke

So something really big happened today and I didn’t overeat or over drink or buffer in any way!!

My boss was laid off as part of the restructure of our division. I’m one of the managers in the team and we’re really close. She’s also been a huge support to me in the last two years with some personal issues.
I was also actually travelling back into th office with her when she found out that the divisional boss was meeting with all of his direct reports! So it was an intense afternoon. Lots of staff crying. Team discussions. A big meeting where the big boss told everyone else.
I got all gassy and had a very upset stomach which happens sometimes when I’m really emotional.

Anyway as I was driving home I pondered what I was going to do for the evening. I’d already cancelled attendance at a networks type function as I knew I didn’t want to make small talk about work. I live alone and don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. In the past, I’d have bought cheese and dips or ordered a pizza and over ate and drank and then buffered with trashy Tv and sat like a zombie on the couch.

Instead I came out with two plans
1/ text a supportive friend who is a great listener and see if she was free for dinner.
2/ if not, I was going to take the dog for a walk, cook a healthy dinner and either call another friend and/or do multiple thought downloads.

Fortunately my friend joined me and we had a long and open talk about what I was thinking, feeling and worrying about. I did have a gin and tonic and a glass of wine, despite not having planned it 24 hours ahead. However we ate a small healthy meal and I left the bread on the table. I felt my feelings and felt connected. We then spent time talking about other things including marketing ideas for her business (my work) and her family.

I went home feeling heard, connected with myself and nowhere near as upset. I haven’t watched the March videos yet but there is definitely a new belief about being able to feel my feelings and deal with life’s ups and downs without food and alcohol as a crutch!! Wow!!