Feel stuck

Hi Brooke,

If I have many big goals that are linking together, for instance, I want to earn $100,000 a year by being an entrepreneur, a life coach, and a programmer, what should I try to believe first right now?

Another question is if my biggest goal is to earn six figures by working at home as a life coach and an entrepreneur, and I give myself six months to totally focus on one goal, which goal should I try to focus? Right now, I have two choices.

1st: I can take a few more programming courses to get a job as a programmer, and I’m sure if I spend a few more months working hard enough, I can get that job. And then, after I have a full-time job to cover my family daily expenses, I can start to work toward my main goal, which I think will take about more than two years.

2nd: I should forget about becoming a programmer right now and just focus working on toward my main goal, which is working at home as an entrepreneur and a life coach. Right now, I still think it is impossible for me to earn money that way. I also believe that I need to work extra hard and I need to spend more money and way more than six months to really see any results at all.

Even though I have these two choices, I can’t take any actions toward any of those goals because I feel stuck and unsure.

Thank you in advance for your time and patience,