Sharing a win!

I had a huge revelation today!!

C mother in law invites me to spontaneous lunch and I kindly say no as I want to work on my business
T I should go.
F guilt
A obsess over thoughts
R not working on business

I tried to change the thought to “I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to” but I felt this dark cloud at the back of my head. Like an invisible shadow engulfing my limbic brain and somehow I knew there was a deep rooted belief pushing it’s way through the door.

I looked at the thought “I should go” and asked “why?” And I said “because I need to make her happy”, “why?” “Because that’s my responsibility”, “why?”, “Because that’s how I am loved”

Then I made a new thought “I only need love from myself. I am free.” and repeated it for 5 minutes walking around my house feeling intense love for myself. I stated off with sad tears then it turned to happy tears, then peace then love.

I felt like my brain was seperating from the reptilian brain and I was seeing a new reality.

I’m quite a logical person so it was a different experience. Have you had something like this before?

Thank you xx