Sharing a win, thoughts about my weight loss ‘muscles’ and managing negative thoughts about what’s next

So let’s start with the win…I’m now under 81.1 kg (178.8 pounds). This morning I weighted 80.8 kg to be exact. This means I’ve lost around 11 pounds since January. I am also bouncing with energy buts it not nervous stress fuelled, its in a calm, positive way!! I think of this weight – 81.1 kg – as my big first milestone as that is the thinnest weight I remember exactly from when I first started putting on weight in my mid to late thirties (say 8 to 10 years ago). Before then I just cut back a bit or exercised a bit if my pants felt tight…

Thanks so much Brooke for the great tools you’ve offered to challenge my emotions and look at overeating and to focus on my own compelling reason. I’ve made some great progress on guilt and work stress…which are of course related to weight loss (Sigh!). I’m also finding a 16:8 / intermittent fast works wonders for me in terms of managing hunger (especially since I’ve never liked breakfast). I also liked your comments on patience on weight loss – I have had three streaks of 3 or 5 days with the exact same weight then a one kilo loss the next day.

One of the things that really resonated with me is your idea of a baby learning to walk by strengthening his muscles. It feels like this is the absolute right time for me to finally lose the weight as I’ve been building those muscles over the last few years when I’ve tried to lose it before…exercise habits, meal planning, healthy recipes, ways to eat more veges, using my freezer, strategies to declutter my house and keep on top of chores, making time for self care etc etc. And sure I might have tried lots of these things a few times before and then not followed up / continued but now all those skills are there to help me..I just needed muscles in other places, especially the emotional ones.

And finally my current challenge (other than all the daily urges, protocols, willpower to exercise / not drink unless planned, etc etc). The success is beginning to make me anxious (of course…). I confess I’m waiting for the next big obstacle. Will it be weight loss slowing down? Getting a cold? Another bout of anxiety or depression? (I am on medication for this). What about other areas of life other than work? What if I can’t cope with these emotions? I’m trying thought downloads on this but its sticking around.

Here’s the models I wrote on the thought about depression coming back.
C – Another wave of depression might come
T – I haven’t been able to cope with these before and stick to healthy eating. I don’t want to regain this weight and lose control again
F – Fear, anxiety, panic
A – Disconnect. Try to ignore the feeling. Not look after myself
R – Lack of self care makes me weaker and less able to cope.

C – Another wave of depression might come
T – Yes it might. If it does that will be hard, but if I look after myself it will pass just like it always has. And I can order healthy takeaways and get simple groceries delivered.
F – Calm. Hopeful. (But with a twinge of nervousness)
A – Continue with my current actions on protocols, exercise and urges. Enjoy having more energy
R – Lose weight. Continue feeling strong and positive.

Any thoughts to add on my fears about not being to keep up the work I’m doing and the roadblocks ahead? Also what do you think about treating a wave of depression as a C.


PS. I’m happy to be coached on this on Thursday if appropriate.