She is better than me

Sometimes I hear a woman talking/presenting and I feel very drawn to her, might want to be like her. Then often I have the thought that she is better than me in some, or just simply better than me. I might think she has better/more friends, success, social skills, significant other, money, etc. than me. It’s not that I have none, I just notice I often think others are better.
C: person
T: She is better than me.
F: ashamed
A: feel like hiding, don’t want to be seen/afraid of being seen and judged/criticized. Don’t put myself out there.
R: I am not being the best me. (but what if the best me is really not that great anyway?)

C: person
T: She is better than me.
F: defeated
A: feel like staying in bed, going for a walk, hanging out with friends, talking with my mom, moving back home, scared to start new projects.
R: not being the best me? (but does the best me have to put out podcasts, courses, books, etc? Can’t the best me get some sleep, go for a walk, care for my kids and do a basic job?)

Attempt at Intentional Model:
C: person
T: She’s doing things she wants to do just like me
F: more at peace
A: go for my walk, hang out with friends, and be with my children enjoying it a bit more
R: I am doing what I want to in life?

(I think a thought of she’s doing more or better things sneaks in there.)