Shoe Business 2

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for your response to my previous post.

I didn’t really have a problem with sharing the credit, and yes, there is enough to go around. What brought up the anger for me is when he was attempting to paint an idea that he had for part of the solution as the solution that made the whole idea work. Like he is somehow the savior of the whole concept. That really rubbed me the wrong way and yes maybe there is more work to do on why that bothers me so much. I’m OK with sharing credit but not with him taking credit for making the concept a success. That’s ridiculous as I have been working on this idea tirelessly for over a year with drawings, making many prototypes, marketing ideas, logos, etc. and then he comes up with one idea and wants to claim credit for the whole concept. That is not OK with me.

Anyway, another point of friction came up recently. He gave me a hard time about getting business cards printed. I designed the logo, and the business cards and then he was trying to get me to pay for getting them printed with my cc. Once he started partnering with me, he had been paying for everything with a business cc. It really bothered me that he would expect me to pay for business stuff with my person cc (not deductible and I’m sure I won’t get reimbursed). Anyway, I refused and sent him the file so he could get them printed. It really pissed me off that I would do all the work, designing the logo, laying out the cards, creating the file and he couldn’t even get them printed??? Btw, the printing cost is about $20!

Anyway, given all of these problems, I’m starting to wonder if we would make good business partners. I don’t want this to ruin our relationship. The business isn’t worth that. And now that we are butting heads on almost everything, it doesn’t even feel fun or exciting anymore, and I’m starting wonder if its worth it.