Shop Hop

In the state where I live we have an all-state “shop hop” where you can visit participating stores (90 of them) & get your passport stamped. This goes on during the summer months. I usually travel with some friends & we hit some of the stores near us. We recently went for 2 days & hit 20 shops.

The thought is I should buy something from each store. I went with a list of items I needed to finish some projects & didn’t do too bad with my expenses.

The problem is that’s all I’m thinking about in my free time – how can I get to more shops & get that stamp. Why? To say I did it? I have many projects that I need to catch up on that I look at myself & say it’s ridiculous for you to want to do this. Stay at home & spend your time on completing your current projects. My name may go in a drawing for a prize, but I probably won’t win & if I do it’s probably a $10 item I don’t like or want. Why do I do this to myself?

One side of my brain says you had fun for the 2 days you went but you don’t need to seek out any more shopping.

The competitive side of my brain says more is better…no matter what.

Help! How do I dissect this & work on it?