Single. And not loving it.

Brooke. You. Are. Amazing. I am totally having a fan-girl moment right now as a new Scholar and actually typing to YOU.

I have been single for 1.5 years. Unbuffered some overeating habits. Buffered back in to a series of casual dating. In 2017, I felt that I was ready for putting myself out there for a relationship. Yet when a man would come along, I was more clear on what I envision as a partner yet it came from a place of fear and so much self-doubt. Yesterday, a gentlemen who I was hoping to date for longer got very offended that I used to casually date.

Unintentional Model
C- He was disrespectful to me and called me names
T – omg, is that who i really am? why did i tell him about my past?
F – sadness. ashamed
A – shut down.
R – terrible evening and spiraled thoughts

Intentional Model
C- He was disrespectful to me and called me names
T – I am honest. I love my past. Thank you universe for giving me opportunities I have always desired.
F -Empowered.
A – dont have the urge to explain myself
R – An authentic me.

I am trying to do more downloads on this feeling that after a few months of dating men where it doesnt work, I am going to be single forever and etc etc. I want to take time to myself and my purpose and then get back into dating. Wondering if you have any advice on how I can be intentional with my practice