C: Sister says words, “I can’t trust that you have been talking about me all these years and being nice to me to my face out of pity so I can now only have a superficial relationship with you”
T: Wow, that is amazing where does that come from?
F: Stunned
A: Reaffirm I have always had her back, tell her I love her and will abide by her boundaries without judgment, not judge myself or try to question my integrity, feel the hurt, accept the loss of closeness, look for a new want match for closeness and sharing of vulnerable aspects of myself as a way to continue my self-work, love her and not try to convince her she is wrong
R. Learn a lot and grow from the experience?

Any help would be great. Used to talk to my sister daily especially the past 7 years since her daughter died. She is estranged from the rest of the family except me because she accused dad of sexual abuse and was rejected as a crazy person. I always believed her and still do.