Sister-in-law Model ?

My sister-in-law wrote me a nasty email basically saying she could no longer stand me. I was crushed. We had been friends for 30 years.There is no explanation. Nothing really imp articular happened. I have grieved for 8 years, like a divorce. She lives next door to me, is married to my brother. This hurts bad. My love for them has always been unconditional, like siblings and still is. I love your podcast on unconditional love! I’ve tried to fit this into a model for years, but can’t seem to figure it out. Finally, I am here in Scholars and can ask you personally. I have done a lot of work on this pain, given it up to my higher self, etc…. I’ve wanted to know for so long how you might help me with it. I still see her at all of our family functions. I have horrible anxiety around her, I freeze up and can’t be myself in her presence, which is the total opposite of my very optimistic, out-going and super happy personality. I dread the holidays coming up. Thank you in advance. I love your work and have been utilizing it in my life since the very beginning, your very first podcast.