sister model, overeating/drinking model

I am struggling today,
I overate/overdrank last night (aargh, put sugar on oatmeal!)

please let me know what you think?

C- relationship with older sister
T- she blames me for many little things and that makes me feel bad
F- hopeless about our relationship
A- overeat
R- get off track, nothing gets better

the good thing is that in the moment I felt the thought “she blames me” and I felt the hurt rise up, but I did not act on it, I let it damp and continue the conversation. yay…

C- relationship with older sister
T- I will keep loving her and be a good friend no matter what, including when I interpret that she is blaming me
F- committed
A- continue to enjoy conversations and time, persevere
R- we have a great sister relationship

C- drank three glasses of chardonnay and ate 2x 1/3 cup oatmeal with sugar sprinkled on it
T- I fell into hopeless thinking about relationships and decided to go for a short term fix of buffering rather than feel the feelings
F-disappointed but learning
A- write ask brooke, think about new thoughts
R- get clarity

C- overeating when things happen
T- I do not need to overeat when I get disappointed from time to time because I know that I will find thoughts that move me into the next level of growth
F-hopeful and patient
A-wait it out
R- allow the human experience and growth

Thank you