“Sitting in the discomfort of my own misery”

Brooke, you are a genius. I am sitting in the discomfort of my own misery (Assets-Money) because I genuinely do not know how to do certain technical aspects of creating mailing lists, website features, podcast productions, etc… It seems like every element of the complete picture has 100 various instruction manuals and product pages. I “feel” intellectually deficient. I “wish” I had a budget to hire people to do these things. But I don’t so then I “feel” sorry for myself– must I play every role? When will I be able to outsource? I cannot bring in money until I have something of value to offer. It’s a vicious cycle. My future self keeps cheering me on. And my current self is well aware of the ever growing abundance of information I have to share. I need more consistent endurance to stay in my “higher gear” instead of a sprint-crash-sprint-crash pattern.