Snacking and Honey

I, know, I know, the answer is “no,” but hear me out. . .I’m 45, just under 5’ 7”, and have hovered around 128 most of my life. But I feel best when I am around 123 (weird numbers, I know) but it’s an effort to get and stay there. So I do want to loose a little bit of weight, but mostly I want to change how I think about food. I love it and think about it a lot – even though I’ve never really been overweight. Time to put my energy elsewhere. So here are my two questions:

I think I seem to do better with a more level blood sugar throughout the day (instead of 2 or 3 spikes). This has turned me into a free-for-all (but FAIRLY healthy) snacker – which I don’t really like. Today I tried no snacking, but I got shaky and sweaty before my last meal of the day. So I’m wondering if 1-2 PLANNED healthy snacks (piece of fruit, veggie sticks, small handful of nuts, etc.) is okay? Or do I just need to try and stick it out for longer to see if I adapt?

I’m also a beekeeper and have a biased love of honey. I’ve realized though that I’m fairly comfortable giving it up as a “food” (especially since there is no toast to put it on) but I still think it is a valuable “medicine.” I quit eating it completely for a few months this winter and got the first cold I’ve had since my 10 years of beekeeping. Maybe that’s just me being superstitious, but if I do want to have a bite of honey on a daily basis, when do you think would be the best time to do that to not wreak the least amount of havoc on my blood sugar? With or after a bigger meal?

Thank you!