So incredibly pissed off at my husband

I will try to be as factual as possible to explain the situation. My husband got a good new job. We will be moving within three weeks. We discussed his new salary and an upper limit of house prices we would consider. I spent multiple days and at least 40 hours putting together an excel spreadsheet with prices, commute times, school districts, and various other comparison categories for several homes that I would be happy to live in. Sent this list to husband. He told me he really only liked one of the houses – out of the 20+ I was willing to consider. I liked that one so we went and looked at it. Loved it. Made an offer, put down earnest money, scheduled inspection, got insurance quote, and thinking about living there and getting excited for over a week. My husband comes to me today and says, maybe we shouldn’t buy it. Maybe it will make things too tight financially. I am furious. I was happy with several options cheaper than that house and he never at any point suggested hesitation about buying this house. I’m so mad. I was so excited about living there and I do want to be conservative financially and save a lot, but I thought it was going to be fine- well within our budget but now I don’t know. He is usually the one “in the know” more-so than me about finances.
I don’t want to feel angry at him. But I am so mad that he is just now bringing up concerns. So so pissed. I yelled at him and called him a jerk. We never really fight and now I feel terrible. Please help