Hi LCS Coaches,

I’m having a hard time understanding the model and LCS way of thinking when it comes to broad injustices in the world. It’s easy to accept that I will ALWAYS have thoughts regarding things like racism, rape, abuse, etc. that cause negative feelings, but I’m having a hard time understanding how to go about dealing with the R line I hope for, even though it is said to be out of my control. The R line I desire being: changing the behaviors of criminals, rapists, abusers, racists, legislation.

Brooke says a lot that we “cannot control the people” and we can’t change people’s minds or control free will. Hearing phrases like that makes me wonder how we fight for justice if we’re to believe that we do not have the power to change others, their thoughts, actions, or behaviors. Do we just practice acceptance that we can make our requests for change, but there is a chance that it will never come? That thought makes me feel defeated and would cycle into an entirely new model!

C: Ahmaud Arbery shot and killed
T: Jogging while black in broad daylight should not be a death sentence
F: Angry, sad
A: Participate in protests, encourage others to do the same
R: Awareness of racism to people who may not have realized it’s current prevalence

Is this the best way there is to control my thoughts, feelings, and actions about broad overarching topics like ‘racism’? Working through each injustice at a time, circumstance by circumstance, model by model?

Thank you