Social Situations and Going Off Plan

I am working through the thought model on social situations. So many social outings without control of the menu though I do try to eat before I go to make sure I am not hungry. The stress of the last minute plans combined with the celebratory mindset of food and drink is a hard one for me to let go of.  So I started the thought model around this:

C- no control over food at last minute social outings
T-I will just eat whatever and get back on track (again) tomorrow
F- stressed
A- eat all the things
R- gain more weight

Turnaround: (need help with this)
C- no control over menu at social outings
T- I can make good choices (not sure if I believe this yet based on past experiences so not sure what I could use instead)
F- empowered
A- eat protein 1st to satiate better
R- stay neutral in weight at least

Tis the season and in the past I would just avoid but I am really loving trying these thought models!