How do you put a general feeling of irritation in the model? Can it go in the C line? Sometimes I wake up and from the get-go I’m irritated and easily annoyed with no thought in particular driving the emotions, I think it might be hormonal. I hate feeling this way and hate even more how I sometimes act when I feel this way. I was trying to get out of it and solve for it, but it was not working because I could not pinpoint a particular thought causing the feeling of irritation … so now, I am trying to see this as a circumstance/a part of the 50/50 and just be aware of it without reacting to it and making things worse. New model:

C- Wake up irritated
T- This is a part of the 50/50
F- Aware
A- Feel the feeling/control myself from reacting
R- I don’t add regret on top of irritation for reacting to my irritation- life is 50/50

This model is working better than trying to think positive or think about what I’m grateful for and I have been able to control my reactions to where I am not adding even more negative emotions on top of the irritation BUT if there is a better way or a different way to put irritation in the F line of the unintentional model and create a new, more intentional model, I’d love help with that! Thank you!