Some good, some average.

That is the feedback I received from presenting to a big corporate group about the professional training and coaching I do. Some thought I was good and some thought I was average. Average? I’m anything but average. I know that others feedback tells me nothing about myself and only about them. So why do I care? I wanted the outcome to be that they loved me and want to work with me, want to hire me. What am I making it mean? That I did something wrong, that I should’ve acted more “corporate” (something I despise after years of working in corporate). I felt really good about how I showed up and worked the room. I felt I was on top of my game but I also could sense the room or 30 members of the leadership team seemed lackluster to me. I sensed that and noticed it made me disappointed.

So why do I care that I didn’t get the outcome I wanted? How do I coach myself on things like this in business?