Some things I am learning

Things I am learning

Just want to say that I really like the idea of finding thoughts that lead to neutral feelings.
I am just getting that I do not need to like everything or feel good about everything. There are lots of things that I need to accept but not condone. The neutral allows me to focus my energy onto those things I can impact with my energy. I can create the outcomes I desire in the areas I do have impact. And I can accept the remainder.

I am also working on my personal mission and vision statement. I am considering the thought that “I do not spend my energy or time on emotions that do not serve my mission and vision statement”. and “I spend my energy and time on emotions that serve my mission and vision statement”. and I will find thoughts that serve this more, like – “ok, I have this emotion because I want approval, but this approval does not serve my mission and vision, in fact it derails it. I am choosing to refocus my energy on my proactive goals” this is what I am thinking of doing

Also your comment on contrast- thank you so much for bringing Abey in .
I think your point may be that relationships mean a lot a lot a lot to me, and losing relationships is contrast, many rockets of desire were fired, and the relationships are there, waiting for me, in the vortex 🙂 .