Spending more than I make

I lost 40% of my income last month without anticipating the loss happening. I’m now over budget and spending from savings. On my last scholars call I said I was trying to cut things. The suggestion was to earn more instead of cut things. I’m not sure this is a realistic thing to do in the interim. I do have value to offer, but I think it will take more than a few months to replace the lost income starting from scratch with a new business. I do recognize that “I should spend less than I make” is an optional thought, but I also like not leaving things to chance and taking the extra pressure off and keeping non-essential expenses when they are wants instead of needs. I don’t want to spend all the money. If I’ve learned anything from this year, nothing is guaranteed. I guess I do believe I can’t immediately replace lost income.

Either way I’m uncomfortable. Either I’m cancelling or renegotiating programs and payments or I’m getting by on money I’m borrowing from my future self (my savings) and hoping my ideas on how to make extra money actually work.

I believe long term creating more money is better than living from a place of scarcity, but short term I’m not convinced.