Spinning in Indecision on Food Quantity

Hi coaches,

I have a question on decisions, indecision, and revisiting decisions.

Let’s assume I am not making a protocol and I will not make one. At the end of my dinner, I am trapped in intense feelings of anxious conflicted, as I am spinning back and forth between these two thoughts
“If I eat too much, I will put on fat, difficult to lose” and “If I eat too little, I will lose muscle, difficult to make”.

Then I pause, I check my hunger scale. “Looks like I am still a bit hungry”. Decide to eat. Recheck the hunger scale. “This seems like fullness to me”. Decide to stop. Wait a few seconds. “Wait, I am actually still hungry”. Decide to add more food, just a small bite, not to end up overeating because those fearful thoughts are still there.

You see where I am headed, I do so for 15 minutes – 1h eating pausing rechecking, adding something else, but progressively smaller bites, just one little spoon of this, of that.

Sometimes if I stop before the last spoon I feel really physically not full, then I add that, and I feel full. The whole process is very energy draining. Suggestions?

I would like to ask your suggestions keeping the protocol out of the equation… I am thinking how can I have a meal without these intense feelings and without a protocol like so many people do? Thanks.