Going Deeper with my Unintentional Model

I want to go deeper with this unintentional model. Your thoughts please would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to your help!

C Grading students work
T I want to eat something
F bullshit artist insecure
A While grading students work I think about the facts that they should include. When a student has something “incorrect” I get nervous and feel bad for them or sometimes I get very judgmental. I know this is not the best to effectively grade their work. I always have the thought “I hate grading and would rather share information in an enjoying way for them to learn and be excited about the world and not have to rate them” I decided not to get something to eat because I know I would be buffering and decided to do this model. Another thought is I really don’t know a lot of the material. I am grading them on and have always cheated and gone back to the source to check the answer. Cheated means I don’t even know it myself so why would I expect my students to know it in the brain. I catch myself though when thinking and feeling this way and change my thought to make sure I am consistent and fair. This last statement is interrupting the model.
R I don’t eat anything