Spreading the Joy

I think my husband would benefit so much from your teachings, but I also know we have no control over how others think. I’ve talk about your podcasts and concepts quite a bit lately, and they’ve led to great discussions. He understands and agrees with the ideas, but doesn’t apply them to his life because he’s not doing the work.

I’d never try to pressure him, but I’d love for him to experience the benefits of not overdrinking and not stressing over the little things. I’ve come to a place where I rarely let his issues impact my feelings since he doesn’t lash out or drink to excess around me (and he tells me when he’s struggling, whereas he used to hide it from me). We’ve done a lot of couples therapy, which has been so helpful. The negative impact on me is sadness for him. I don’t regularly dwell on it, but if he’s angry all the time about (for example) coworkers annoying him, and it causes him to need alcohol, my thought is that he’s not appreciating life as much as he could, you know? He says he wants to be less angry and doesn’t like his level of alcohol consumption for health reasons. I know he won’t make changes unless he really wants to and believes it’s possible.

So, long question long, do you have any thoughts on how I might be able to help him? Should I just lead by example? Totally let it go? I try not to go on about your ideas too much, because I don’t want the result to be pushback.

Thank you!