Stagnant/Loss of Success to More Qualified People Part 2!


OMGOSH, What you had said about what I was saying and the thoughts and feelings associated with it were so incredibly powerful. I’m still very new to this whole process and have never even thought of it that way, that no one was disrespecting me but ME. Here’s my post, stripped of all the emotional fluff and just with the facts:

I work at three jobs. My boyfriend has moved in (not really relevant, but still very fun to say!). My employers know about my situation. I am good at what I do. My employers also know that. I’ve been looking for work at other places.

Pretty straightforward when I get that emotional knapsack out of the way! I did a five minute thought download from that information, and man…it was super negative. Lots of blaming/victimy thoughts I had associated with those facts! I ran a couple of models on those thoughts and here’s what I got. Keep in mind, I’m very new to this so I’m not sure if I got it “right”

C: I work 3 jobs
T: I hate working all damn day with nothing to show for it
F: Apathy/Anger/Resentment
A: Working with only a fraction of effort and no job searching (why bother?)
R: Keep working all damn day with nothing to show for it.

C: Work 3 jobs
T: Nobody seems to see all I have to offer
F: Rejected, worthless
A: Working with anger and bitterness, while searching for other jobs out of spite
R: Sub par work and sub par applications

C: School board does not promote me/Get looked over for other jobs
T: I hate [that damn school board/that damn employer]
F: Bitter, angry, rejected
A: Putting in minimal effort
R: School board/employers look over me

Thanks again, Brooke, for working with me on this! You are the bomb dot com!