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Hi Brooke and hope your day is amazing.

So I have been in Scholars for about 8 months. I have a busy family law firm, mostly representing client’s of divorce. Been practicing law for over 23 years. I am getting a bit burnt out with the litigation and am seeking transaction. Anyhow, I feel a natural succession moving into the field of life coaching as a plan towards my retirement from practicing law, with a goal of practicing as a life coach primarily full time in about 7-10 years.

I share the lessons that I learn, in Scholars, with my clients including use of the Model as I assist them in their process of transition from married to single life. I have also shared the Model with other professional women I come in contact with, including therapists. Several have shown interest and have requested my assistance as a life coach. I am unsure if I am ready to coach.

My law practice has been consistently producing the same gross revenue for the last number of years. I would like to double my firm’s revenue. To this end, I have implemented the Model and your teachings towards achieve this goal (as a lawyer). I have seen a positive energy flow within the firm and feel the progress.

I am scheduled to attend the Modelthon in January and have submitted the deposit for the certification course in August/September 2018. I desire to further educate myself on being a life coach. I am fortunate, as I have a natural niche with both my divorce cliental base and professional women seeking balance.

Question – Should I start implementing the life coaching component as a compliment to my law practice now? I see this as a marketing opportunity for both my law practice and my future career as a life coach. I know I have willing clients as to the life coaching component. My thought is that I could offer the life coaching sessions to my law clients by offering them 3 complimentary sessions and then charge thereafter (as a life coach as a separate charge to my charge as a lawyer), and with the thought that when I complete their divorce they will stay on as life coaching clients. I charge $425 per hour, as a lawyer, and so my fee as a life coach would be less (not sure what that would be) per hour, or maybe I do group sessions for more. Don’t know. So again, with my goal of increasing my gross revenue and the hours in a given day, my question is should I just focus on doing so as a lawyer or do I commence the life coaching component into the equation now?

Look forward to hearing back and thanks for all you do. 🙂