Start Planning My Days

Hi I am a double diamond. Since the start of my journey I focused on food and I haven’t yet worked that much on planning my weeks. I have been starting just recently. Here is a thought download around planning my days:

– I’ll make my plan too restrictive, and I will end up creating just anxiety and hurry (+ other negative feelings)
– I don’t deserve to have more anxiety and worry in my life.
– Having a plan is adding another layer of rigidity to my life.
– I have been too rigid with myself using willpower for a lot of time in my life.
– rigidity and hyper-control are tendencies of mine which don’t come from love.
– I will feel deprived of the instant pleasures I put here and there in my days.
– I would like to not feel any need to get relief with social media, youtube, etc, but in the long term this seems unreasonable and unfair.
– Removing all immediate gratifications is unfair.

So considering this as a starting point, and just by reading these thoughts, could you offer me some suggestion on where to start with the thought work of disbelieving some of them? Given your experience which one you see is the most limiting? Thanks for the feedback.