Starting with The Model AND/OR Double Your Business in 3 Months

I am new to Self Coaching Scholars and excited to jump into everything, although I am taking the advice of not doing that and choosing one area. I’ve chosen The Model and would like guidance on what I should be doing to be sure to thoroughly learn it, how do I know when I have, and how long do I spend on it before moving to something else? There is a lot of content on all of the areas, and I am easily distracted and find myself clicking through the website, reading everything I print out (should I print everything out?), listening to podcasts, and wanting to jump over to another topic. Also, is it too soon to start practicing The Model on my coaching clients?

I signed up for Double Your Business in 3 Months, so should I be working on this instead of The Model or simultaneously? I already watched Brooke’s video on this last week. I have a coaching practice for just over one year now, and I need to make money and want to secure my own coaching clients. I’m currently coaching clients that come in through the program with which I received my certification, so it’s someone else’s protocol and fee structure. I’m grateful for the practice, but I would like to use Brooke’s program to really jump into growing my own business and start making real money.

I appreciate your guidance. Thank you for your help!