Stay at home, homeschooling mom – Should I have bigger goals?

I am a stay at home mom, I homeschool my 9 and 6 year old and it is what I would choose to do over and over again. I want to do this.

Yet sometimes when I watch your videos about setting goals, I feel like I am not doing enough outside of being a wife and mom and managing my house. My husband started a side business and I help him with the marketing and admin of that as well from home.

My husband works full time and I truly love my life, but how do I know if I am not just wanting this life or if I am just not setting big enough goals to be uncomfortable?

After your courses I have minimized and organized my home so that it barely takes any time to clean up, I organized my calendar and to do list, I have a minimum baseline of getting the laundry done twice a week, an hour walk a day, a workout with my husband in the evening, and most of my days spent just being with my kids and I do love it. I listen to your classes on my walk and take time in the morning to do thought downloads and really have felt my life transformed. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more because you say if your life doesn’t feel like 50/50 then you’re not setting big enough goals. I truly feel positive way more than negative. How do I know that I am not blocking myself from more?