Staying Up Too Late #2

Hi Brooke!

Thank you for your response to my previous message. You spoke the truth I think I already knew within, but reading it from you somehow brought a deeper level of commitment from me when it comes to my evenings. Like, “Ya, I need to do that!!”

I was having a hard time figuring out how I need to feel in the evening to get the result I want (going to bed and having a structured evening so I can wake up in the mornings and not build up a sleep deficit over the course of a few days). Your response yesterday had me feeling insistent last night, and operating from that feeling seemed to work really well, so thank you for that!! I am writing now to get your thoughts on my intentional thought model using that feeling:

C – Evenings
T – I stick to my protocol. (I decided to take the idea of protocol from what I have heard mentioned on calls for some of your other programs…don’t know much about it, but got the gist that you establish guidelines you are going to stick to for a week, commit to that, and only change weekly – so I did that for my evenings and discussed with my hubby. It was AMAZING. Like I struggle in general with setting personal boundaries and doing this happened so naturally that I was like, holy crap, this is what it’s like to set boundaries and communicate those in a compassionate way that doesn’t leave the other person feeling like it’s me at a cost of them…but that it’s for the benefit of both. Thank you!!)
F- Insistent (instead of helpless)
A- Communicate my needs and consider the needs of others / set boundaries. Do the things on my protocol.
R- Stick to my protocol. Structure my evenings and master my mornings while meeting physical sleep needs.

Could you provide your thoughts on this model? Mostly I want validation I’m doing this right and putting things in the right places, keeping it simple, not collapsing 2 models into 1 model, etc.

Thank you!!