Staying Up Too Late #4 – RESULTS & Thank You!!! :D

Hi Brooke –

I just want to say thank you. I messaged you earlier this month about my morning/evenings…I couldn’t find an intentional feeling that felt like what I needed, and you gave me the EXACT feeling I needed to focus on to make it happen. Insistent.

I have to tell you – I have been wanting to become a morning person for 2 years. 2 YEARS!! And I have gone through a whole lot of ups and down with attempt at becoming that. The latest attempt was a 6-week stretch last fall – it was the best I ever did but ultimately I still “quit.” My struggle was always which to prioritize – going to bed, getting 7.5 hours of sleep, or waking up early. I think I knew the answer was that I had to do all – not pick one – but not until your message did it really strike an internal cord and a new level of commitment. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am truly a morning person. Like it’s part of my identity. That has never happened before, even with much longer periods of going at this. I was not even 2 weeks in when I started feeling this way, and yet, it feels like I’ve been doing it forever. I had no idea the power of TRUE commitment and just INSISTING – making that decision and that being the way it is. ANd I’m blown away at how quickly it happened (and how natural it was to communicate about my needs / boundaries / etc. with my hubby once I actually fully committed) and how ready I feel to move onto the next thing – my physical health. Of course, I should add that I have not been perfect in this…there have been a couple nights where I’ve been up later, and a lot of nights I still have to be up once with my baby…but almost always I still get up regardless early, I don’t hold it against myself at all, and I still work hard that next day (maybe even harder!!) to get to bed on time…another thought that has been really helping me regarding perfection is this: I have the flexibility of mind to keep going.

I am loving the changes and the results. LOVING it. My word for this year is CREATE…and I’m so happy to have created some space in my life to be able to work consistently on SCS and to work consistently on improving other areas of my life…to create more routine and structure in my life and blow my own mind as you would say. 😀 To be in a proactive state in the morning when my boys are up instead of reactive, and to feel like I’ve already accomplished so much by the time I’d usually be up (getting up at 5 AM instead of 7 or later). I am so excited for this year!!!! And really hoping I can get into the fall coaching program. 😀 (Fingers crossed!!)

Thank you again!!!! <3