Step Kids

My hubby and I have been married for 21 years. We have one daughter together and shes 20. My husband has two kids they are 32 and 35, Jenni and Justin. I have been in their lives since they were 9 and 12. Before my hubby and I had our daughter we had his two kids to focus on and had a great time with them. I will say I loved my step-kids very much (I love kids very much), and know I am a great step-mom. Me and my husband’s kids were very close, until we had a daughter.

After my hubs and I had a daughter we moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania when she was 3. Up until our daughter was about 8, she loved her brother, Justin so much and was so close to him (he’s the 32 year old). What happened was, Joe’s kids began to ignore their sister and for many years our daughter, McKenna suffered and grieved very much because her brother and sister never tried to stay close to her or even want to be close to her.

So, for a very long time I have distanced myself from my step-kids because I have been angry for how they treated their sister. Their excuse is we moved away and they don’t know her very well, they’re just not that close to her. McKenna, our daughter had been for many years resentful, hurt and cried so much in the past. For this, I just don’t want to be close to my step-kids any longer.

What I’m making all this mean is I fell in love with my step-kids and treated them like humans and they are not even my kids. Jenni and Justin have a half sister and treat her like a stranger! I have been mad for so many years I want to stop hurting for my daughter and myself and move forward from this. I was thinking about writing a heart-felt letter to Jenni and Justin and explain how this had made me and McKenna feel. However, I am hesitating for some reason?

I don’t know how to stop the pain??? Help!