Stop over using nicotine

I am working on not over drinking, but would also like to stop using nicotine and am working on applying the concepts to this area. I have had success significantly lowering the amount of times I would normally use nicotine by planning out the number of times I can use it per day throughout the week. I want to move to only using it once a day, but still imagine I will use it everyday for a while.

Does it make sense to make a “drink” plan that includes several days if my plan is to use it once a day for a week? (I think the pre, during, and after feelings will be mostly the same within the same week for example although I am open to this surprising me by how quickly the feelings could evolve.)

Or does this defeat the purpose of being able to evaluate feelings as I make an individual plan for each day? In other words, how far in advance does it make sense to make a plan if I am having a hard time envisioning how I will feel before, during and after?