Stop overeating

I do really well on my protocol for most of the day but then after dinner I feel like I am in a battle.
C- its 7pm
T- I want something else to eat
F- deprived
A-I tell myself I’m finished eating for today but then I make myself something to eat
R-slow weight loss
Getting MORE specific
C- husband shares that he may look for a new job at 7pm
(background: we’ve both experienced multiple layoffs and it has caused financial challenges but now I am doing well in my life coaching business)
T – I’m afraid we will not be ok financially
F – anxious
A- go to kitchen and make a homemade cinnamon roll justify it’s ok because it’s made with sugar feel bad because off flour and shouldn’t be having bread but I am having bread
R – weight loss stops or stays same

the RESULTS I want is to get below 200 lbs by my birthday(current weight 226)
the RESULT I want is to allow myself to FEEL anxious and not eat
the RESULT I want is for it to be 7pm and I get ANY news and I still take care of myself
the RESULTS I’m creating currently are NOT the results I want….HELP!!