Stop Overeating 8/30

I have a major headache right now. I took medicine and it isn’t working. I almost ate on my protocol today but I didn’t because my head hurt.

C protocol exists
T I have a headache so I need something extra to eat with my medication
F Desire to take medicine and eat
A Took medicine and ate 0.52lb of black forest ham
R I ate something off protocol to take with my medication

It didn’t help my headache to take my medicine with food, but I thought it might.

What I know for sure is that my headache is caused by caffeine, so that is something I have to cut out aside from one coffee in the morning. I’m glad I now know this for sure.

C headache
T my headaches are caused by fluctuations in caffeine
F confident
A decide 100% that there will be no more caffeine besides in the morning
R i no longer get caffeine related headaches

Now I’m not making my food plan for tomorrow because my head hurts and i have to go to bed, but now in the morning I’m going to say, “Oh well I didn’t make my plan last night so I’ll just start over again when I do this right.” I can see how this cycle continues, eh?

I think I need some new thoughts about how to get out of this cycle. I’m sharing it here and am committing to my process because I’m so done with it, and without bringing my process and cycle to the surface I just keep repeating it.

Thank you.