Stop Overeating help

I created a protocol in May, and followed it perfectly for several months while also working with a coach for support. I had great success, lost about 12 lbs and was really just in a “zone” with no flour/sugar and all the rest. A 10 day road trip came along in August and despite making detailed pre-plans I stopped following my protocol. I could have easily just gotten back to it upon my return from the trip, but since then I’ve not been able to get back on track. I’ve had a few false starts where I re-write my protocol, rewatch the SCS videos, buy all the groceries…and then go off protocol within a day or 2. And then I beat myself up and reinforce the fact that I will always fail at this and it will never happen.

Somewhere along the way I lost my commitment. I have gained back 10 of the 12 lbs I lost, but more importantly, I’ve lost the self-confidence and self belief I had built up while watching myself succeed on my protocol. I do thought work and models on this, and it always comes back to needing to somehow find that motivation/commitment to help the rest fall into place. Any suggestion on things I can read or watch in Scholars, or other methods to get that spark back? Something inside is just blocking it and I can’t get to the bottom of what it is. Thank you!

An example of a model…they all revolve around the same theme as this one.
C: I have a protocol
T: I can’t seem to even stay on my protocol for one day even though I created it
F: Defeated, frustrated
A: Beat myself up, wonder why I even bother, eat whatever is around because clearly this wont happen for me so why bother trying
R: I continue to fail at following my protocol and I don’t lose weight (I gain instead)

What I WANT to see:
C: I have a protocol
T: I know if I just stay on the protocol the weight loss and self confidence will follow.
F: Determined
A: I follow my protocol, make exceptions only as per my protocol, tweak as needed, continue my coaching, feel confident in my abilities to succeed
R: I follow my protocol and lose weight